This website has been created by a concerned mother to increase awareness that some people often make false rape charges, destroy the lives and reputations of innocent men, while the false accusers face no repercussions.

Innocent Men Slandered in
Air Force Academy Courts-martial

Some of the accused were innocent

Some of the men accused of rape were innocent in the 2004 Air Force Academy onslaught of charges.

There were 56 cases of alleged sexual assault that allegedly happened between 1993 and 2000 at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Many of the females involved in the 56 cases of sexual assault were engaged in conduct such as drinking alcohol that could get them kicked out of the Air Force Academy.

Some – especially the young men falsely accused and their supportive families maintain that the Air Force Academy and its supervising Air Force commanders yielded to political pressure--at the expense of justice. They wonder if top Air Force brass buckled under political pressure when dozens of women claimed in early 2003 that the academy had not properly handled their sexual assault cases. When Congress applied political heat, top Air Force leaders pushed the academy commanders to find and prosecute the alleged offenders and bring their cases to court-martial.

But friends and families of the falsely accused men are not the only ones who urgently want their side of the story told. A number of attorneys who have represented men falsely accused of rape have become convinced of the reality of false rape charges and the damage they bring.

Accusers complain to press, but men's lives are ruined, too
Alleged victims have appeared on Oprah, on morning TV talk shows and have complained relentlessly to newspapers, some of whom have called the women "victims" instead of "alleged victims" — and ruining the lives of innocent men.

Some of the salient points from SECAF to Air Force Inspector General (Handling Of The Sexual Assault Cases At Air Force Academy, September 2004)-

*Air Force Academy Leaders took several steps between 1993 and 2003 to address the problem of sexual assault, indicating they took the issue seriously.

*No investigation found a single case where the Air Force Academy intentionally mishandled an investigation or covered up a known rape.

*Each year about two percent of the females report some sort of sexual assault, while at the average US College about three percent of female students report a sexual assault, indicating the AFA does a somewhat better job of preventing sexual assault than the average college.

*Out of 142 incidents reported over 10 years, the AFA found sufficient evidence to investigate 56. Of these, six resulted in Courts-Martial with one cadet being acquitted. Other cadets were expelled or received Non-Judicial Punishment (Article 15). This should put to rest the claim the AFA never punished a male cadet for sexual offenses.

*Many of the alleged victims have changed their stories over time and could not be corroborated by witnessed, making prosecution difficult. At least one soaked topless in a hot tub with her alleged rapist after the alleged rape. Others wrote e-mails indicating the sex was consensual. These suggest that some female cadets may have filed false charges to cover up their own misconduct, to manipulate cadets or to leave the Academy without having to pay for their education.

This site is dedicated to the awareness that false accusations of rape are common and a troublesome reality.