Falsely Accused In NW Florida

Hello: I was falsely accused of rape on Feb 7th, 2008. My wife had died two years before, and although I had a couple of girlfriend relationships since her death, they were relatively shallow and short-lived. To make a long, horrible story somewhat short, I picked up my first one-night stand on Friday, February 1st, 2008. We did several sexual acts together, all explicitly consensual. I even gave her my gate opener to my property the next morning so she could come back that evening and we'd grill steaks together. Anyways, during that Saturday, I got a series of creepy phone calls from her about panic attacks caused by the death of her boyfriend 7 months previously. She also ranted and raved about the doctor who wouldn't prescribe any more panic pills since they are addictive. Her last phone call was sweet and nice, and she wanted to know if we needed anything from the store before she came over. I told her I was tired and that I'd give her a rain check. She got insanely mad--called me some names, and asked how to give me my gate opener. When I picked up the gate opener four days later, she didn't seem too happy to see me, but what the heck. That afternoon, she bruised the side of her mouth and face, went to the Sheriff's Office, said I raped her and kept her prisoner in the house. Two nights later, the police came over with a warrant and tore apart my house for forensic evidence. To make things worse, I did have some pot in one my nightstand drawers (to which I admitted guilt). The bail was $100,000 for charges of sexual battery and false imprisonment (LIES!!!). The pot charge was ROR. The attorney's fees were $75,000. I also resigned from my career as an executive at a major southern university--not because of the false sexual charges--but because of the pot possession for which I was indeed guilty. I didn't buy it (grew a few plants on my own acreage for personal use), didn't sell it, and didn't smoke it in public. I was guilty, but that is a repercussion of what this horrible, evil woman did to me. The charges were dropped within three months after we subpoenaed my phone records and noted that she had called me NINE (9) times the next day. I got probation with adjudication withheld for the marijuana possession charges. Because she filed a false police report and perjured herself under oath during an injunction hearing shortly before the sexual charges was dismissed. I tried to get her prosecuted. The state attorney's office will NOT prosecute her. As I've heard from so many police officers and attorneys, women who file such false charges are rarely, if EVER, charged for their heinous acts. For whatever it's worth, I've come to realize that what happened to me is not uncommon. I am thankful that I found this website since it might "help" to know that what happened to me has happened, is happening, and will continue to happen to other decent men who ran across the "wrong" woman. Any replies or comments would be welcome. Mike