Four French Disney employees exonerated in alleged gang rape in Florida

Published: 3/3/2006

MIAMI - Four Frenchmen were exonerated of raping a fellow Disney World employee in Florida because a videotape showed the Norwegian woman had consensual sex with the men, police said Friday.

"The videotape clearly showed that she was a willing participant," said Jim Solomons, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's department in Orlando, Florida.

He said the tape was taken by one of the men who had sex with the 19-year-old woman.

The young men told investigators the woman had willingly joined them in their apartment for sex.

"The videotape corroborated the story of the four suspects. Their story was rock solid," Solomons told AFP, adding that there were several inaccuracies in the woman's claims.

The woman was arrested Friday for filing a false police report, and a small amount of marijuana was found in her apartment, the spokesman said.

The woman had earlier told police she was walking home Sunday within a complex housing Disney's foreign employees, when the four men grabbed her, carried her into their apartment and took turns raping her.

All five were employed by the Disney International Program that brings foreign nationals to work at Disney World in Orlando. 03/03/2006 18:59 GMT