Men Are Guilty by Accusation

Once a woman cries, "Rape," the man she points to is seen as guilty-- and the courts make it easy to condemn.

Jury Instructions are biased towards the accuser. In the past, the jury was instructed that rape allegations were easy to make but difficult for the defendant to disprove. Today, this instruction is no longer given--instead, juries are informed that medical evidence is not necessary to prove rape, and no witness is necessary, other than the alleged victim. Imagine! Could anyone escape a guilty verdict under these circumstances?

Rape Shield Laws do not allow a defendant to introduce the prior sexual conduct of the complainant. Thus, Rape Shield Laws that are intended to encourage more woment o come forward and testify have simply made it easier to falsely accuse and convict an innocent man. The testimony of any other woman who says a man has assaulted her is admissible in court, without evidence or corrobroation and whether she has ever reported the alleged crime to anyone or not.

Rape Trauma Syndrome is a name used in court to prove that a woman has been traumatized by rape, but is a term used to help convict men unfairly. If a woman immediately reports a rape, that is consistent with Rape Trauma Syndrome. If she waits months to report it, that behavior is also consistent with Rape Trauma Syndrome. If she cries, that signals Rape Trauma Syndrome. If she doesn't cry, that also signals Rape Trauma Syndrome. In short, the term, which is not a true diagnosis but a set of emotional responses, is used to the advantage of the accuser.

"To my considerable chagrin, we found that at least 60 percent of all the rape allegations were false." --Dr. Charles P. McDowell, Supervisory Special Agent, U.S. Air Force, Office of Special Investigations.