"All I did was try to kiss her in a lit parking lot."--Jason Harris (accused of rape)

Jason Harris' accuser has been on Oprah and detailed for countless media that he raped her (and has conflicted her own accounts with new versions)--but none of the media have bothered to ask Harris what happened. Some members of the media even made the editorial decision to refer to Harris as a rapist, and yet he has never been charged with a crime, never faced his accuser in court, never had any evidence mounted against him, and maintains his innocence.

After Sharon Fullilove accused Harris of rape five years ago, the Air Force Academy stripped him of his rank and privileges--but no evidence was ever produced to prove that he had assaulted his fellow AFA cadet.

The son of a minister, Harris has endured an emotional and social crucifixion, never having an opportunity to face his accuser in court, never being given a chance to say publicly, "I didn't do it!" He has emerged wiser but not embittered. And he has refused to lean upon the obvious prejudicial issues:

1--His accuser is white and he is black

2-- His accuser was on academic probation and on athletic probation-- in danger of being kicked out of the academy.

Jason's story in his own words:

"In November 1999, my junior year at the academy, I gave a ride to some freshman cadets from the activity center to the dormitory area. The vehicle was an '84 Buick LaSabre, a four-door sedan. I dropped them off where they wanted to go. One cadet was left in my car and I parked in a lit parking lot next to the dorm. I made a pass at her--a kiss. She rejected it, she got out of the car and went on her way.

"The next morning I went to her door and apologized--'I'm sorry if I was out of line,' and that was the end of it. Or so I thought.

"Three months later, in March 2000, I was pulled out of class and told to go to the Office of Special Investigation. No reason was given. Then they asked me, 'Is there any reason why 8 to 10 people in your squadron thought you raped someone?' Then I got an attorney. And I began to be told about the case--'She alleges you raped her.'

"She says I held her down with one hand and tore her clothes off with the other, but we were wearing white gloves and military attire. She was wearing a military A-jacket, a scarf, and a parka over that. When they investigated her charges, the only females they talked to were underclassmen, and her friends. They didn’t question any upperclass females or anyone through the cadet system who knew me."

Not enough evidence for a court-martial