What If Kobe Bryant Has Been Falsely Accused?
Why the Law of Acquaintance and Date Rape Should Seriously Penalize False Reports

Last Wednesday, August 6, in what amounted to a highly publicized yet rare spectacle, Kobe Bryant was arraigned on a felony sex assault charge. There was no familiar gold jersey, no basket, and no opposing team to speak of, but that didn't stop the crowd outside the Eagle County Courthouse from rooting wildly for Bryant.

Bryant arrived at the courthouse via private jet, stayed for eight minutes, and uttered but two words: "No, Sir." Bryant's beautiful young wife, Vanessa, and her equally stunning, four million dollar, get-out-of-the-doghouse diamond ring did not accompany him to the event. But his diminutive attorney, Pamela Mackey, and her partner, Hal Haddon, did - with Mackey doing all the talking.

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